Technique Clinic's

Technique Clinic's
From NZD $20.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
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This is a fantastic programme to improve your technique with the help of our world-class coaches along with your fellow improvers in a group learning environment. Our focus is on each individual’s personal development and ability. 

The clinics are as follows starting on Saturday, July 6th 

  1. Classic -  Downhill & Cornering Technique, Skate - Downhill & Cornering Technique
  2. Waxing for Glide and ski maintenance
  3. Classic - Weight Transfer and Glide, Skate - Weight Transfer and Glide
  4. Classic - Kick Double Pole on Flat Terrain, Skate - V2 or Alternate skate on Flat Terrain
  5. Classic - Herringbone on a steep hill, Skate - V1 or Offset on Steep hills
  6. Waxing - Kick wax and waxing for races
  7. Classic - Poling Technique, Skate - Poling Technique
Make sure you indicate if you intend to skate or classic when booking.