Hut Return Bag Transfer

Hut Return Bag Transfer
Ab NZD 25,00 NZ$
  • Dauer: 1 Stunden
  • Produkt-Code: Bag Transfer

Staying at Meadow or Musterers huts? We can transfer your bags to and from our base. We don't deliver to Bob and Daisy Lee huts, but we can take them to Meadow or Musterers for you and you can take them from there. 

$25 = return bag transfer

Things to know: 

  • The price of a bag transfer is per bag, not per person.

  • We have a strict bag weight of 15kgs. This is to reduce risk of injury to our team as they can be lifting 40-50 bags daily. If your bag is over 15kgs we will kindly ask you to re-pack and remove some items. Or book a second bag. 

  • Bags must be checked in at our base by 1pm at the latest to be loaded onto the snowmobile and taken to the huts - there are no exceptions on this.

  • Bags must be ready at 9am at the hut for collection, and they will be back at base at or before 11 am. 

  • Bags are transported on an open flat deck and trailer, they will be exposed to the elements. We will do our best to keep them dry, but often bags will get snow on them. Make sure your bag is lined or bring a bag cover if you are concerned about anything getting wet.

  • A chilli bin or box of groceries is considered a bag, however it must be sealed. (No open containers). 

  • All equipment must be contained inside your bag or suitable container, not tied to the outside of your bag. 

  • Liquids must be contained in sealed containers. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse to take your bag if we deem it a potential hazard to our staff, equipment or other peoples' belongings.